1. no sense in nonsense, especially when the heat's hot
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  1. ging-ler:

    do you ever shave your legs but later you realise you missed a spot and its like


  2. bagmilk:

    sorry for replying in  0.2 seconds haha its not like i was waiting hahaha

  3. crunchier:

the way to my heart


    the way to my heart

  4. When your coach asks about your injury


  5. vvhoppers:

    i hate myself a lot but i get offended when other people do

  6. What is your ultimate fantasy?


    Financial stability.

  7. kelvinbenjamin:

    even if katy perry wasn’t problematic i would still hate her bc she’s dating riff raff

  8. idioticteen:


    what is white culture

    clapping after an airplane lands

  9. dekutree:

    one piece is dumb because they spend 500 episodes looking for one piece when they can just go to kfc and get a 3 piece combo w/ 2 sides for 5.99

  10. nosdrinker:



    where’s the gif of the chef with the really big frying pan


    bless you

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